15 April 2011

Goings To the Doctor

Thanks to Pippa, http://pippadogblog.blogspot.com/, and her mum, http://itchyfeetatforty.blogspot.com/ for getting Pops off his butts. I'm goings to the doctor's today. Pippa was verys sick a whiles back 'cos of a tick bites. Luckilys, with quick actions from her peeps and vet, Pippa is much betters now. Pops read abouts Pippa's plight, put some numbers togethers... I'm going to the vet for a physicals and for the fact that my behaviors has changed a bits. I didn't evens want to go on a walk this morning. That is verys strange for me. Maybes it due to all the swallows flying arounds and trying to builds nests on the houses nearby. I did go out laters in the morning. That's good. Will lets you know what happens. 

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  1. Oh no!

    Please update when woo khan!


  2. Everys thing is groovys but my weights. Thanks.


  3. That's good. Hope we didn't freak you or your peeps out with our tick posts.



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