09 April 2011

A 14 Years Anniversarys


Two peep years ago this day I took it upons on myself to adopts two peeps, Mum and Pops. So far they have suited my needs fairly wells. I have to continuallys stress that I am not a divas nor a princess. And if I ever becomes one or the others they are not the same and have differents demands. In returns for my peeps following precise instructions in meeting my wants and whimsies, I have condescended to become a mentor and arts critic for Pops. Mum and I are still sparring as to which one is the true queens of the castle. Givens all the human shortcomings, it has still been a glorious two years and I look forwards to many more years of pamperings, treats, cheese, rides in the mean greens moving box machine, walkies, tenderloins and stuffs like that. 


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  1. Happy Great Selekhtion Day!!


  2. Happy gotcha day to you and your peeps! I think you all got pretty darn lucky!

    Holly & Khady


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