15 April 2011

Stupids Stupids Stupids

Went to the dogs doctor and he told me I have gained weights. So now I am on a diets. It actually wasn't all my faults. Stupid Pops was kinda shaking my measuring cup to get more foods in it. Now I'm sufferings because of him. He's stupids. But I guess it is better for my healths. My choice was less foods or less treats. Well, DUH! I'm not retraining the peeps in treat allocations. Think I can take a few less kibbles and keep the treats. I only gets three treats a day anyways. Two of them help me keep my teeths clean. And I can keeps my walkies treats. They are just parts of my daily kibble allowance anyhows. My strange behavior is apparently okays. Nothing to do with ticks and such. Might be the nesting swallow flyers (and flapping Mylars strips that are supposed to keep them aways but don't) on the next block. My doctor said I have characters. Don't know what that is. Don't think I've evers tasted one before. Sounds like a characters is good though. Bacons maybe? Oh, and the doc said somethings about getting a Tick Twister, http://is.gd/FRBuyk, if I ever catch a ticks. Excepts for being freaked outs having to go to the dog doc, I guess the office visit was almost neatos. I am reallys tired. Think I'll take a naps. 

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  1. Maybe woo khan khonvince them woo need some green beans along with your kibble -

    I don't have to eat them but I love 'em - and they helped Khousin Merdie loose a few of her pounds -

    I hope you've managed to nap enough fur bedtime!


  2. Will have to trys them. Thanks.

  3. Naps are good. Ticks are bad. That twister thing looks interesting. I will get the peeps here to take a look. Misery keeps calling me fat. After I got better it is a bit of a struggle to get into my harness, but I am just a well-built dog I bark.

    Pippa x

    (Thank your dad for his nice comments on our blogs)


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