05 January 2012

Movin' On Ups

From now ons I will be barking at https://deltasheltie.wordpress.com. I persuaded Pops (Bit him in the butts a couples of times) to move my barking place to WordPress. Pippa http://pippadogblog.wordpress.com was instrumentals in making us see the lights. He was rights about lots of things. He is soo smarts. So both Pops and I are movin' on ups to the WordPress barking place.

I need to do some works in moving stuffs here before leaving forevers but then I'm gones. And there is works to be done at WP too. My Posterous, D* and G+ barkings places are closing too. I just feel more comfys barking on a blog. Hopes you can sniff us outs over there.


  1. I've added the other one to my GR -

    I tried to leave a khomment THERE but it was too early in the morning fur me to rekhall my WP sign in ;-)

    Happy 2012!


  2. Wuufs and thanks, Khyra and SHM. Those passwords can be trickys. Will start to populates my blogroll or whatevers soon on WP. Will look you ups. Pops has been sicks. Mum and I have been taking cares of him. What a babys.

    Suzy ∆••


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