22 January 2012

New Barkings Place From Now Ons

From now ons I will occasionally barks at Delta Sheltie. Google insists that members share mores and mores of their dog lives by linking all things Googles. If I want to shares I will bark when I want to shares. I shouldn't have to opts-out. Google has become anothers Fookbase. "Do no harms." That is BS. Goodbyes Blogger/Google. You have crossed the line. Any barks should be made at my WordPress barking place. I will not returns to this blog. So longs my friends.

05 January 2012

Movin' On Ups

From now ons I will be barking at https://deltasheltie.wordpress.com. I persuaded Pops (Bit him in the butts a couples of times) to move my barking place to WordPress. Pippa http://pippadogblog.wordpress.com was instrumentals in making us see the lights. He was rights about lots of things. He is soo smarts. So both Pops and I are movin' on ups to the WordPress barking place.

I need to do some works in moving stuffs here before leaving forevers but then I'm gones. And there is works to be done at WP too. My Posterous, D* and G+ barkings places are closing too. I just feel more comfys barking on a blog. Hopes you can sniff us outs over there.

23 December 2011

Happys Holidays

My Pops put snows on my photo for no reasons. Maybe to make it look winterys. He's stupids. It has been colds here though. 24ºFurries last dark. In the picture I'm looking outs for our neighbor cuz we kinda borrowed his snowsballons to make this photo. Don't think he would likes it if I tried to pee on it. 

Just wuufing all my furends and their peeps a greats holiday and new year.

P.S. Sorry this is lates but Pops was doing stupids peep things. Borings!!

26 November 2011

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