29 October 2010

Staring at goats...

There is a goats farm near Watson Hollow where I like to walks. For a very longs time there were only elevens goats. Then several months ago Pops said that a space ships dropped five goats on the farms. I barked that he was really stupids. Well, we counted them togethers and... there were 16 goats. For once Pops got it rights. Then last week there were onlys 14 goats. What the kat? Then the others day there were eighteens goats. The space ships had returned. Dad said no. It was a miracles...

 Two baby goats were borns. What a cools surprise. Now we stares at 18 goats and wait for the space ships to returns.

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  1. So khute!

    Woo should ask if they have any yummy chevre fur woo!

    Khyra and The Golden Khousins

  2. I do get a little goat yogurts every days for my tummys. But I don't thinks it comes from the "littles goats". :o))


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