29 October 2010

On my walkies the other day I had a narrows escape...

A bigs leaf almost hit me. I don't know what would have happeneds if it had hit me.

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  1. Sorry Khousin Harley wasn't there to protekht woo -

    He would have snagged it ASAP!

    Khyra and The Golden Khousins

  2. Thanks. It can be soo dangerous on walkies at this times of year.

  3. What a beautiful Suzy and a leaf! Plenty of leaves falling here, morning walkies are getting alot colder. Some of the leaves don't taste so good and comes back up afterwards. We miss you on facebook, but understand why you and your Daddy don't care for their privacy much. Once Diaspora hits the mainstream, we'll be doing the same...


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