13 September 2010

Goat Saver or How I Saved Willys

For a long times there were onlys five goats in the field on the other sides of Watson Hollow. Then one day POOFS!! there were elevens more.

These are the goats my peeps count every days we walk to Watson Hollows. Today they counted and counted, then Mum saw one with its head in the fence. It looked stucks. So she went home and got the fields glasses while Dad and I counted and counted. (Goats are hards to count when they stop and go around the field.) Yep. the goat was stucks. Dad even saw it sit downs for a while with its head in the fence.

I barked that we have to saves the goat. We walked home, jumped into the mean greens clean machine, drove to the farm and tolds the farmer of the goat's plight. By the time we got back to our sides of Watson Hollow the goat was frees.

The goats and I.

That's how I saved William. Maybes they could make a moving picture about it. Call it "Free Willys and Stuffs".

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  1. Woo are living with heroes!

    Well done!

    My Malamute BF Summiii's Mummi saved young foal earlier this year - Red Molly had gotten under the fence and was loose - and she was only a few days old!


  2. Whoas! That was luckys. Bet that made Summiii's Mummi really happys. Goods for her. Always nice when peeps can help outs us animals.

  3. That was very nice of your humans to help the nice goat! Maybe he was just looking for some tasty grass on the other side. Good for them!


  4. Wuufs, Holly and Khady,
    Always greener on the others side? :o))


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