28 September 2010

For the past several weeks I've been supervisings the peeps.

For the past several weeks I've been supervisings the peeps as they have worked on many projects in the yards. Something my stupids secretary calls yardening. We have a yards not a gardens. We planted two palms, ripped out lots of buttersfly bushes (They were too bigs, took way too much times to prune and were a safetys concern with our neighbor as she left her drivesway.) and planted some pretty grasses. And I helped with some quilting and art stuffs. Goat News: There are stills 16 goats in the Watson Hollows pasture. Now they have some bales of hays to eat instead of sticking their heads through the fence. Guess there will be no mores goat savings.    

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  1. I hope woo are being kept khool!!!


  2. Thanks. Yes, we've been keeping cools. I rest in the shades while the peeps sweat in the suns. Pops says that helps him stay thins.


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