09 June 2009

Killdeer Find

On a very blustery day, Dad and I discovered a killdeer nest while walking around my hill behind the fourth green on the golf course.

The sound of the howling Delta breeze.

Not too close Dad.

They sure look yummy.

Let's hope they survive the grounds keepers and golfers.



  1. Khool!

    Mom thinks killdeer are furry khool birds!

    Tank woo fur sharing your find!


  2. Oh! So a killdeer is a birdie! We've never heard of it before! Those are very large eggs and we bet they're very tasty!

    Love ya lots,
    Maggie and Mitch

  3. How strange to make the nest on the ground, doesn't sound very safe to me. But tasty? Yes indeed.

  4. Woof, or rather uuuuf, we were worried to look at this one. We've never heard of killdeer and thought it might not be a nice post. Off to look it up on the tinties, and hope they hatch out ok.


  5. So that's what they look like before they come out and terrorize me!

  6. Hi Suzy,

    Those silly birds make nests in the strangest places! I hope the chicks survive.

    Wags & wiggles,

  7. Yummy looking indeed ! But those birds sure do not know where to find the safest place for their chicks. BOL !

  8. Everypup, sorry for the late bark. Stupid D started a FaceBook thingy and Twitter is taking up too much of his time.

    Unfortunately the eggs disappeared and we never found egg shells or chicks. We have not seen any killdeer chicks so far this year. With our strong winds, if any chicks did hatch, they may be in Nevada. :o))

    Suzy ∆••


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