29 June 2009

Grass Fire Right Here

I tried to tell the peeps that there was smoke in the air but Mum was reading and Dad was, well, just being Dad. For some reason they turned on the magic box news and saw that there was a grass fire about 3/4 a mile from us. I quickly got them into the mean green Prius machine and had them drive me to the fire. Here are some photos of the grass fire mop up...

Burnt field with Mt. Diablo in the background.

I thought I could help but was too late...

Here are some photos of the fire peeps working hard...

And here is some video of me surveying the fire scene...

Unfortunately there were fatalities...

Poor guy. Wonder how many more didn't make it.

The cause of the fire is unknown at this time. The hot dry season is here. Let's make it safe.



  1. Fires are just awful! It's one of our mom's greatest fears! Thank goodness that you and your peeps are okay, Suzy! Poor little mousie!

    Love ya lots
    Maggie and Mitch

  2. Fires are so scary! Our grandparent's cabin in the woods is always in danger this time of year.

  3. WE are so glad you and your hoomans are safe. Those fires are so scary. Our hoomans were in CA a few years ago and witnessed a terrible fire, it went on for days.

    Keep safe.

    Molly and Taffy

  4. Oh, my goodness - it looks very dry there, we are glad that you are OK. BTW - we think you are a very cute looking doggie. we read back to the beginning of your blog, and are happy your people found you. We think of Freda fondly.
    Morgan and Maisie

  5. Thanks, Maggie and Mitch. We've had another fire since and I hope to get that story out once my secretary gets things straight and learns MY stuff comes first.

    Suzy ∆••

  6. Hey Joey,

    Your grandparent's cabin in the woods reminds me of the Seinfeld episode about the cabin in the woods and Kramer with his cigars. Hope no one smokes up there. Be safe.

    Suzy ∆••

  7. Thanks, Molly and Taffy. Glad your peeps didn't get hurt in that terrible fire. It's really windy now and everyone is hoping we have no more fires or it could be really bad.

    Suzy ∆••

  8. Thank you Morgan and Maisie. It's very dry and very windy here right now. Just hope there are few lightening strikes in the mountains.

    I think I need some help with my peeps. They still haven't learned how to live life MY way. :o))

    Suzy ∆••


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