23 December 2011

Happys Holidays

My Pops put snows on my photo for no reasons. Maybe to make it look winterys. He's stupids. It has been colds here though. 24ºFurries last dark. In the picture I'm looking outs for our neighbor cuz we kinda borrowed his snowsballons to make this photo. Don't think he would likes it if I tried to pee on it. 

Just wuufing all my furends and their peeps a greats holiday and new year.

P.S. Sorry this is lates but Pops was doing stupids peep things. Borings!!


  1. Hey Suzys, happy holidays to you and yours too.
    I saw you had barked this on your WP blog as well, but I still couldn't comment - can you ask your Pops to check his settings for indiv posts and for discussion please?
    I have been very busy today writing my thoughtful piece comparing the two different blogging systems. Now I need a napita.

  2. Thanks you, Pippa. Read your neatos bark about NHB. Will get Pops to check the WP stuffs out. Times is getting close to the reindeer flight schedule. I keep barking to Pops to keep his mouth closed when he looks into the airs while waiting for Santa. You never know when those deers are going to poops. But Pops is parts vegetarian. Sleep tights and don't bites Santa or he may go home before he gets here.

  3. Snows work fur me!!!

    Happy HOWLiday!


  4. I've barked over there at your WP blog, and liked a couple of the previous posts. After that, comments were off though, but it's the same on mine and I'm not changing it for every single post.

    Pippa (stealing Misery's login as she uses my photo)


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