23 September 2011

A Days At Dillon K-a-t Box (Beach)

Yesterdays I paid my first visit to a big k-a-t box in Californias. Peeps call it Dillon Beach. It is abouts 80 miles away from our box if you're not a crows. There were lots of pups but no k-a-t-s. 


Everysthing was going great until a big waters came up from behinds and TOUCHED ME!!. As you can see, I was a bits skardys.


So I spent the rests to the times aways from the big waters. When I saw anothers big waters coming I headed for the rocks. Luckilys I was safe there.


Then we went to see the house we are renting for a coulpes of days next month. Tule and her peeps will be there and some family peeps from the Rockys Mountains, too. Just across the streets from our place there was a mommy deers and her little one.



Hope she is still there when we come backs. I bet it would be funs to play with them.

I enjoyed my first evers sniff of the big waters. I don't thinks it will be wise to play in the big waters though cos there is a big floating box trying to do works with the great white sharks that live there. Maybes we can see a white next months. Think I'll keep a looksout from the deck. 



  1. Wow, I was really amazed in your photos, your place is really cool and very relaxing! is that a deer or moose? by the way they are so cute, I wanna play with them too! Woof!

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  2. I am with you there Suzy. I don't like that water stuff, but I find the beach quite interesting. It is usually full of interesting tasty smelly things to stick my nose in. Hope your hols are good and make sure your peeps take LOTS of piccies.



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