25 October 2010

Due to stuffs we don't likes on FB my dad and I are sadly leaving Facebook.

I have made soo manys great friends and had some really neato barks. If you wants, you can follow my barks on Twitter at http://twitter.com/suzysheltie , my blog at http://deltasheltie.blogspot.com or my Posterous at http://suzysheltie.posterous.com. We are very sads and Pops is depressed cos of all the friends we are leaving. He says that our accounts will be suspendered not deleted. So there is hopes. :o))  We will monitors Mr. Mark and his crews hoping they change their ways. We will try outs Diaspora or Cafebots when they start ups. My last day on Facebook will be Halloweens. :o((

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  1. Awww, I am sorry to hear that. I am glad you will be at the other places.


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