26 July 2010

Cools! According to the USPS, I am officiallys a dangerous dog.

I think my barks is worse than my bites. If anyone approaches our fronts door I let my peeps know about it. Earlys warning and all that there stuffs, don't cha knows. The mailspeep must have heard me barking one days when he left a package. It wasn't evens for me! Now he's skardys of "me"? I see him all the times when we are in the fronts and he is in his moving box. Peeps are weirds. Maybe I should barks myself "Danger Dog". :o))

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  1. They should at leasts give us treats.

  2. wow, I am so proud of you...and a little jealous!

  3. Thanks, Joeys. I think it easys to get labeled as such. Maybes you can bite your postmans. ;o)


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