19 November 2009

Dragonflies For Lunch?

I've been helping sD doing a bunch of different stuffs lately. This is some of the arts we been working on a very long times. It's finally finished.

All we need is some crackers and wines.

I think I'll put my stamp of approvals on it.

Since we live in the Californias Delta peeps say that Delta stuffs is a good seller. Maybe fours is better.

My iBarkopods is for scale.

The dragons are way too fasts for me, so I'll never know what they taste likes. :o))



  1. I'm sure woo will lure one SOMEDAY!

    Tank woo fur sharing YOUR pawesome work! I know woo are the one really doing them with those furry talented paws!


  2. never say never. Maybe you will someday find a slow one! Or, maybe one will just fly into your mouth. Your arts are very pretty.
    your pal, Morgan

  3. You are a brilliant artist, Suzy! Your work is just gorgeous! We love the dragonflies!

    Love ya lots
    Maggie and Mitch

  4. We see those dragons here too sometimes, but you are right they are fast! Love the paintings and I am sure others will too!

  5. Hi Suzy/YimMy,
    You know how much of a faN of the Dragonfly's my daD is, so if you are gonna maKe these available as prints in your store, I am sure he would buy them.
    Best reGards


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