07 October 2009

Helping sD

I've been helping sD in the studio this weeks. He's been matting, framing stuffs and painting a lightshouse, a cheese and stuffs. Then the card stock from Canadas came...

Helping unwraps the card stock from Victoria.

He wants to sell note cards at the arts gallery. Hope he sells a lots so I can get some more treats.

Then I worked pretty hard all afternoons supervising and stuffs...

Hard at works modeling for sD.

Since I helped so much I thought I deserved something...

Dibs on the cheese.

Working as a studios assistant is pretty hards work. I'm tired. Time for a naps.



  1. Woo are a pawesome studio assistant!

    I'm SURE the produkhts will sell like hotkhakes!


  2. Thanks, Khyra. I hope they do sell hotcakes. I'm hungrys. :o))

    Wuufs. Suzy ∆••

  3. We hope you got that cheesecube, Suzy! We can see just how hard you're working!
    Your dad does beautiful work!

    Love ya lots,
    Maggie and Mitch

  4. Good luck to your Dad, I hope he sells lots and lots!!!

  5. What a brilliant Studio assistant you are. Hope they pay you overtime all those extra hours you are working!

    Molly, Taffy and Monty

  6. Gosh that sounds a lot more arty than my sort of painting supervision. I'm sure it is just as hard though.


  7. Thanks everypups for visiting and wishing sD good lucks. I had to bite him in the butts to get him to help me with my blog. He is soo lazys. He didn't sell any arts but did sell two cards.


    Suzy ^••

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