17 August 2009

Welcome Home, Benson

I'm late as usual. My stupid secretary, sD, has been bumbling around the big ether instead of helping me bark. I finally got his attention...

I'm soo happys that young Mister Benson J Puppypaws, is home and in the loving hands of his peeps and the kind paws of Opy.

You can't helps but love this guy...

Mister Handsome
(A fabulous photo, Greg.)

I know that Opy will take really good cares of him...

Look into my eyes, Miss Opy... I am hungry.
There is a nice chook on the table...

My peeps are soo glads that Benson has come to brighten up the lives of his peeps and Opy. We can tell they are very happys...

Benson with a happy Phil Collins.
?? Ohh, his "worker boy, Greg". :o))

I'll be watching him terrorize his home and peeps on his cools Benson-Cam. After his long naps that is. Yes, he does move. No claymation there.

(Benson-Cam and photos used with the kind permission of Benson's "worker boy Greg". Thank you.)



  1. Mom is loving the Benson cam!! I was on it earlier, so cool! We are so glad Benson is home!

  2. Oh yes!

    He's such a lukhky pup!

    AND we are furry lukhky too to have him in our world of furiends!

    It was SOOOOO much fun last, about eight of us watched him and chatted amongst ourselves!

    None of our humans khould do anything else fur the longest time fur we had their 'puters tied up watching him and Joey (and yes Doofus) and Golden Charlie!


  3. Isn't Benson just the most photogenic puppy, Suzy?!
    OMG, mom says that Greg does resemble Phil Collins! We'll have to get him to sing for us!

    Love ya lots,
    Maggie and Mitch

  4. He is a very cute looking pup and we are sure he has found a fine new home.

  5. We think Benson is the cutest little pup. So happy he is cheering Greg and Brooke up!. One lucky pup he is!
    your pal, Morgan

  6. We've been MIA for a bit - catching up. Benson is sooo totally cute! He has BIG pawprints to follow. (I never noticed Greg Looked like P. Collins, but he sure DOES!)
    Hope you are all well.


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