02 May 2009

Be Safe With the H1N1 Virus

Hi, I'm Suzy. My Dad, aka "D" and "Iquitoz" on Twitter, said we should be careful when we go out. Something about pigs. I like swine. I know that's where the bacon grows.

All I need is a horse named "Silver".
(I think my Dad is stupid. Should bark him "Stupid D".)

Hope you are playing it safe, like not flying, as suggested by Mr. Biden. :o))

P.S. I will be decorating my barking place whenever I can get D to help me.


  1. YAY you have a blog, we can't wait to hear more from you and get to know your personality more. You look super cute in that mask!

  2. Hello Suzy

    Good to see you have a blog. Get that Lazy Dad to help you post often and make sure he decorates it with lots of photos of you.


  3. Hey Suzy, good to meet you pal. J x

  4. Haroo! I'll take some bacon!

  5. Suzy! You look great in medical blue. If you get a horse named Trigger, does that mean you need a dog named Bullet and a D named Roy?


  6. Thanks pups. Glad you could all sniff around. Dad FINALLY got his act together and posted a bark for me. I'm soo happy. :o)) Hope to bark some more soon.



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